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Cheery fire hydrant information to brighten your day

Dear Johnnie: I have been noticing that many of the fire hydrants in town have been freshly painted. These are mostly along the main roads. The bright red-and-white hydrants are cheery to see. Is the city planning to paint the … Continue reading

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Neighbor’s parking practices put person at peril

Dear Johnnie: My neighbor insists on parking one of his cars (an SUV or a minivan) on the street between our two driveways. This creates a blind spot and requires an awkward angle when pulling out of my driveway. The … Continue reading

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Why’s that person parking in a handicapped spot?

Dear Johnnie: Why do doctors give out handicapped permits to people who don’t need them? Though I certainly appreciate the efforts the volunteers at the Longmont Police Department make in keeping people without handicapped permits from parking in those designated … Continue reading

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