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You can see traffic lights, and they can see you

Dear Johnnie: Do the traffic lights in Longmont change according to prescribed timing, or are they triggered by cross traffic arriving at the intersection? — Curious Dear Curious: The answer is — both. Transportation engineer Bob Ball tells me that … Continue reading

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Have you seen Roxie the greyhound?

Dear Johnnie: I have seen many lost greyhound signs in Longmont and in Boulder. Can there be that many greyhounds missing? Are these legitimate or some sort of scam? Thanks. — Diane Dear Johnnie: In the past few weeks I’ve … Continue reading

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A bird in the house is worth … well … thousands of dollars

Dear Johnnie: I was driving by the city`s rec center the other day and got to wondering about their problem with flickers that was written up in the paper last year. I remember reading about how the woodpeckers were doing … Continue reading

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That’s not just any camel; that’s Mr. Sultan

Hi, Johnnie!: If you drive out 287 north of Longmont and look in the “pens” just south of Duran’s Hobby Acres, there are several small horses. In the pen to the west of the horses, there is another pen, which … Continue reading

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