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Niwot sculptures are beautiful; some cyclists, not so much

Hi Johnnie:First, what day or days does your column appear in the Longmont Times-Call? Second, I noticed another spectacular carving that was not in your article about Lueb Popoff. I’m wondering whether this is another artist’s work. It’s in Niwot, … Continue reading

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Popoff’s woodwork bears looking into

Dear Johnnie: Friday, I saw the photo of the bear Mr. Popoff has carved from a dead tree. I was wondering if you could give us a list of the locations of the other works he has created. — Vee … Continue reading

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Reader agrees: McIntosh markers are maddening

Dear Johnnie, I must agree with those who have said that North should be north on any markers. I have been somewhat irritated by the McIntosh markers, but not enough to write in or mention it out loud. I have … Continue reading

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Longmont’s McIntosh Lake markers are due for a correction

Hi, Johnnie: The metal art around Lake McIntosh looks great. However, the art along the sidewalk is on the wrong side. They all need to be repositioned to the opposite side of the sidewalk so the north direction sign actually … Continue reading

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