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What’s up with football field at Longmont High?

Dear Johnnie: I was wondering some things about the Everly Montgomery Field at Longmont High. First, who was Everly Montgomery and why was the field named after him? Second, why do they not paint the name of the school in … Continue reading

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Looking for the DMV fast lane? There isn’t one

Dear Johnnie: I am writing about an ongoing problem with the local office of the DMV, a problem I am sure you have received letters about in the past. Recently, my wife and I went to the DMV office on … Continue reading

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What’s proper when the flag passes in parade?

Dear Johnnie: I noticed at the Veteran’s Day parade that an astounding number of spectators did not remove their headgear or in any way acknowledge colors when they passed by. Apparently many people are unaware of or are ignoring parade … Continue reading

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Johnnie St. Vrain: House, barn have become Longmont landmarks

   Hi Johnnie St. Vrain: We moved to town just over a year ago and have noticed the two houses (or house/barn?) that seem to be frozen in time in the process of moving all this time. They seem to … Continue reading

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The latest on Martin Stree crossing: PUC judge has approved plan

   Dear readers: I spoke Wednesday morning with Colorado Public Utilities spokesman Terry Bote. He told me that a PUC administrative law judge issued a decision on Nov. 7, approving the plan for the Martin Street railroad crossing.    I … Continue reading

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Motorists track progress of Martin Street crossing

Dear Johnnie: When are they going to do something with the railroad tracks that cross Martin Street just north of First Avenue? There have been crossing signals lying on the side of the street for months. There are stop signs … Continue reading

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Food for thought regarding expiration dates

Dear Johnnie: Years ago my wife worked at a RiteAid. Several times a year, a state agency would inspect for expired food items. At King Soopers, Safeway, Super Target and Walmart stores, we find items well out of date. When … Continue reading

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Cheery fire hydrant information to brighten your day

Dear Johnnie: I have been noticing that many of the fire hydrants in town have been freshly painted. These are mostly along the main roads. The bright red-and-white hydrants are cheery to see. Is the city planning to paint the … Continue reading

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Recycling tin-can lids? It can be done

Dear Johnnie: We have been serious recyclers for many years in another community. We were allowed to include tin-can lids, which I always placed inside the empty can for recycling. What is different about the process here in Boulder County … Continue reading

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Fossils may apply for city of Longmont jobs

Hello Johnnie: Over several years, I have applied for jobs advertised by the city of Longmont. On the job application there is a statement like this, “List below your complete work history starting with your present position and working backwards … Continue reading

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