Recycling tin-can lids? It can be done

Dear Johnnie: We have been serious recyclers for many years in another community. We were allowed to include tin-can lids, which I always placed inside the empty can for recycling. What is different about the process here in Boulder County that requires the public to throw the lids away? — Judy

Dear Judy: I didn’t know that tin-can lids were barred from the recycling bin, so I gave Eco-Cycle a call.

I discovered that yes, you may recycle tin-can lids, but only if you secure them inside the cans. To do that, drop the lid into the can, then crimp the can.

Otherwise, the sharp edge of the lid is exposed, presenting a danger to those people who work with recycled materials.

Dear Johnnie: When traveling south on South Fordham Street to the intersection of Clover Basin Drive, I almost ran the stop sign because there are no markings on the pavement indicating that I was approaching a major intersection or a stop sign. The other day, I was traveling north on South Fordham and noticed that I could see cross traffic at Nelson Road in the distance, and no markings on the pavement indicating I was about to cross Clover Basin Drive.

Is there any reason the city has not painted the word “STOP” or at least a painted line across the lane to warn drivers to stop? It’s not like Clover Basin is just a small side road. I’m surprised there have not been accidents at this crossing. — Concerned

Dear Concerned: I drove over and took a look for myself. Yes, if you don’t notice the stop sign, it looks like the street might go on and on past Nelson. For the width of the street, the sign appears to be small, and it’s possible the big power pole might affect the sign’s visibility to some northbound drivers — just maybe.

I checked with transportation engineer Bob Ball.

“I don’t recall receiving a complaint about stop sign visibility or the need for a stop bar at this intersection,” he replied. “While we sometimes install stop bar markings, we do not apply ‘stop’ markings at stop signs.

“Next year we are planning to evaluate stop sign controlled intersections such as this to identify locations where crashes frequently occur due to drivers failing to stop,” he wrote. “At these locations we plan to evaluate and install improvements such as stop bars or oversized stop signs, as well as ensure that there is good visibility.”

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