Fossils may apply for city of Longmont jobs

Hello Johnnie: Over several years, I have applied for jobs advertised by the city of Longmont. On the job application there is a statement like this, “List below your complete work history starting with your present position and working backwards through your experience.”

As an older worker, that requirement has discouraged me because I cannot think of any good reason to require inclusion of work history back to the 1960s, like mine. Any job skills used 40 years ago and not since probably are not too well-honed anymore, so there is no functional reason to ask for that much history, except that it does allow HR to cull out anyone who is too old to be considered.

Most employers require about 10 years of work history, which in my case would be a very short list that includes the relevant experience for the types of jobs I now seek. The functional question is, “What can I do now?”

Would you please ask the city of Longmont’s HR why they find “complete” job history useful? — Agile Fossil

Dear Agile Fossil: Because the city wants to be thorough.

I checked with Longmont’s human resources department. Janice Kyner, human resources partner, replied with this:

“The HR staff finds a complete job history relevant because it is consistent with our background screening process. It also allows us to compare an applicant’s job history with the requirements of the job, including matching the number of years of relevant experience to the requirements of the position.

“The city of Longmont considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, veteran’s status, disability or any other legally protected status. The city of Longmont is an equal opportunity employer.”

Having checked with Loveland and Westminster to find out what their requirements are (last three jobs in Loveland, and no requirement in Westminster), I decided to follow up. How does this help the city’s background screening process?

Kyner replied: “The city wishes to retain the confidence of the public in the quality and integrity of our workforce. Therefore, it is our practice to verify job history, educational credentials, professional licenses or technical certificates and perform a criminal history check for final candidates who have completed testing and interviews. The third-party service we use to check an applicant’s criminal history is tied to a geographic location where an applicant has lived and worked.”

So, I read into this that knowing where you have worked helps the city know where you have lived, which aids them in their background check.

If you have any other questions about a selection process, you are welcome to contact the Human Resources Division directly at 303-651-8609.

You know, Fossil, I recently read a article on age in the workplace in which the columnist noted that it’s not the age on a piece of paper that matters, it’s the agility of your mind. Keep pushing.

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