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An early left is not right

Dear Johnnie: I drive County Line Road south from Ninth Avenue to Colo. Highway 119 on a regular basis, planning to turn left onto Colo.119. Just north of the first parking lot entrance for McLane, there is a left-turn lane … Continue reading

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City will pick up broken limbs

Dear Johnnie: I have finished cleaning up all of the broken tree limbs in my yard from the snowstorm. I don’t have a pickup truck to haul these tree limbs down to the recycling center. During the next few weeks, … Continue reading

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What is listeria? And what can I do about it?

Dear Johnnie: I am thoroughly confused and disappointed about the information that the public is getting about listeria. The TV reports tell us to wash cantaloupe with soap and water, and dry the skin before cutting. We are told if … Continue reading

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Tale of house’s disappearance is no yarn

Dear Johnnie: I always enjoyed looking at the adorable Victorian style house on the corner of Terry Street and Second Avenue, and even had whimsical ideas of buying it someday to house a yarn shop. When I saw it gone … Continue reading

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Beginning in the ’60s, the city put light on a pedestal

Dear Johnnie: Why do so many Longmont neighborhoods have old man-high light posts all along the sidewalk? Was there some construction period when they were popular? Are there any neighborhoods where they are still actively used? Who pays for the … Continue reading

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Storm drain has neighbor worried for kids

Dear Johnnie: I live over on Sparrow Hawk Drive. Behind my house is a storm retention area. It’s nice, with grass, and kids love to play there. However, the drain on it is missing a grate. This summer after a … Continue reading

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Who’s right about the right of way?

Dear Johnnie: I was hoping to get a little help from you. This morning I was at a four-way stop at Third Avenue and Sunset Street. It was headed north on Sunset and wanted to turn right and go east … Continue reading

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From Spencer Street, no path that leads to righteousness

Dear Johnnie: I have a question regarding the intersection of Spencer Street and Colo. Highway 66. In July, Faith Community Lutheran Church, at 9775 Ute Highway, changed its entrance to line up with Spencer Street. Now, one can go straight … Continue reading

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The clock struck midnight for father/daughter dance

Hi, Johnnie: What happened to the annual father/daughter dance this year? I just realized I didn’t receive an invitation. In checking at the Rec Center, it seems that they may not be having one this year. It was (in my … Continue reading

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