Niwot sculptures are beautiful; some cyclists, not so much

Hi Johnnie:First, what day or days does your column appear in the Longmont Times-Call?

Second, I noticed another spectacular carving that was not in your article about Lueb Popoff. I’m wondering whether this is another artist’s work. It’s in Niwot, on Niwot Road

Eddie Running Wolf of Boulder carves figures with a Northern Arapaho theme out of the remaining stumps and trees along Niwot Road in this file photo.

not long after you turn east from 119. It looks as though it’s two separate sculptures — the first (complete) is an Indian on a horse with a message scroll beneath. The other (incomplete? trunk is wrapped) is topped by an eagle in flight. Both are stunning. — Jodi

Dear Jodi: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

As for the sculptures, those are the work of Boulder artist Eddie Running Wolf.

A Times-Call article at the time stated that the Spear Lodge was one of a number of men’s societies maintained in the 19th century among Arapahos. All men belonged to a “society,” and progressed through societies according to age. Each society had prescribed duties.

In a video interview a couple of years ago, Running Wolf said the sculpture is “kind of an imaginary portrait of Chief Niwot.”

The second sculpture is titled “Eagle Catcher.” That one isn’t quite done. I didn’t have a

Eddie Running Wolf of Boulder works on "Eagle Catcher" in this file photo.

chance to go take a look for myself, but I called over to the Niwot Tavern to see if someone there could fill me in on its status. The friendly woman who answered the phone told me that she saw Running Wolf working on the piece Tuesday.

Dear Johnnie: I read with interest the letter sent in to you from “Don’t Tread On Me.”

I also would like to comment. My hearing is not what it used to be, and I am blind from birth in one eye. That said, my wife and I do enjoy taking walks on the greenways, except when we have to encounter certain aggressive bicyclists. They assume too many things, for example, that everyone on the greenway is as healthy as they are. They need to take care when approaching folks, as they might have a disability that prevents them from even knowing that bikes are coming. — Just Sayin’

Dear Just Sayin’: Point taken. Rudeness comes from the person, not from the mode of transportation. However, based on Don’t Tread’s description, the ability that those pedestrians lacked was the ability to be courteous.

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