Neighbor’s parking practices put person at peril

Dear Johnnie: My neighbor insists on parking one of his cars (an SUV or a minivan) on the street between our two driveways. This creates a blind spot and requires an awkward angle when pulling out of my driveway.

The space between the two driveways is 20 feet. I’m thinking there is a rule or law that vehicles are supposed to be 5 to 10 feet from the driveway. Am I remembering correctly?

What recourse do I have as a neighbor concerned for safety? — Feeling Cramped

Dear Feeling Cramped: Unless his vehicle is 10 feet or less in length, he is breaking the law. That’s because parking in Longmont is restricted “within 5 feet of (a) public or private driveway,” and that includes your own driveway.

Recourse? I’ll give you three options.

1. If your car is short enough to fit in the space legally, park it there before he gets a chance. (I’m joking. I don’t recommend this passive/aggressive option.)

2. Bring up the issue — politely — with your neighbor, pointing out that this creates a safety hazard for you, and that it’s illegal, by the way.

3. Contact the city’s Parking Enforcement people at 303-651-8658. I usually advise people to speak with their neighbors about problems, but either of the second or third options should work.


Dear Johnnie: The cow/chicken comic had a clever story line, beautiful artwork and I believe was even from a Longmont author. That’s three strikes in its favor, so can you find out for those of us who really enjoyed it why you chose to take it out? Please? We’d really like to know. — Billy

Dear Billy: “Two Cows and a Chicken” is the creation of Steve Skelton, a Longmont artist.

He pitched the idea to the Times-Call, and we liked it, for all the reasons that you did. Our hope and Steve’s hope was the readers would love it. (They did.) Also, Steve hoped that the comic strip would get noticed by other newspapers or perhaps even a syndicate and get picked up for publication. (They didn’t.)

Producing a comic strip for single newspaper doesn’t put a lot of bread on the table … or chicken … or steak. But it takes a lot of work, especially when producing something of that quality. So Steve decided it was time to take a break.

We’re thankful we had “Two Cows and a Chicken” as long as we did. It’s rare for a local artist with that kind of talent to approach a newspaper and offer a comic strip like his.

If you would like to see more of “Two Cows and a Chicken,” go to

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