Johnnie St. Vrain: That leanin’ tree belongs to the city

This mostly dead cottonwood hovers over a wood fence near the intersection of Hover Street and Colo. Highway 66. Photo taken Wednesday, July 20, 2011. (Johnnie St. Vrain/Times-Call)

Dear Johnnie: I am curious who is responsible for removing a dead tree on the southwest corner of Highway 66 and Hover. I live in the neighborhood and am a member of the fence association responsible for the fence along Highway 66. If the tree fell over in one of the strong windstorms we have had this year, our neighborhood would probably have to repair damages to the fence.

It seems that the tree’s removal, since it has been dead for several years, would be the best way to eliminate the possibility of this damage. Do you know who would be responsible for this tree? Is it the city of Longmont, Boulder County or the state of Colorado? — Diane

Dear Diane: Until your letter, I had never heard of a fence association.

The tree is the city’s responsibility. The open area to the south of the fence and the strip of land on the north side of the fence — where the large, mostly dead cottonwood is — belong to the city.

Kim Shugar, natural resources manager for the city’s Public Works and Natural Resources Department, informed me that “the tree in question is scheduled for removal. You should begin to see activity within the next week or two by a city contractor.”

Until then, we’ll hope there are no windstorms. That fence is worthy of a fence association.

Hi Johnnie: This is a minor matter compared to many queries that come your way, but has the T-C totally dropped the kids puzzle page that had been in the Friday paper?

This 66-year-old kid really enjoyed that page. — Old Kid

Dear Old Kid: The Kid Scoop page is gone only for the summer. Watch for it again when the school year begins.

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