Have you seen Roxie the greyhound?

Roxie has been missing since July 2. (Courtesy photo)

Dear Johnnie: I have seen many lost greyhound signs in Longmont and in Boulder. Can there be that many greyhounds missing? Are these legitimate or some sort of scam? Thanks. — Diane

Dear Johnnie: In the past few weeks I’ve noticed countless signs posted around town with phone numbers to call about missing greyhounds. They strike me as odd, possibly suspicious. Do we have that many greyhounds gone missing in Longmont all of a sudden? Could this be a gimmick to get people to call in the hopes someone can get their hands on greyhounds? Are people stealing greyhounds? Or am I just a conspiracy theorist?

Thanks, Johnnie! — Raquel

Dear Raquel and Diane: There was only one way to find out: Call one of the numbers from the fliers.

Of the two fliers I saw, one (985-807-5166) had an area code from southern Louisiana. This intrigued me, so I called that number first. Matt answered.

He told me that his greyhound, Roxie, has been missing since July 2, and he’s been searching ever since.

And the 985 number? That’s Matt’s cell number from Louisiana, but he’s been living in this area for a couple of years and now resides in Lafayette.

On July 2, while Matt was at a Phish concert in New York, Roxie was with Matt’s girlfriend at Kanemoto Park in Longmont. Fireworks spooked the 11-year-old dog, and the former racing hound took off.

Matt’s girlfriend put up fliers with her phone number. Then when Matt returned two days later, he began putting up fliers with his number. That’s why I saw two missing posters with different numbers.

“I’ve been searching pretty much 24/7 since then,” Matt told me. He’s posted thousands (yes, thousands) of fliers from Loveland to Broomfield, and from Boulder to Interstate 25. He’s even created a Facebook page for his missing dog (facebook.com/roxiecomehome). Matt said he’s received calls from the Campion area and from the Hill in Boulder that could be from people who have spotted Roxie.

Roxie is brindle, with white legs and face. She was wearing a maroon collar, about 2 inches wide with a large ring. And because she’s a former racing dog, she has numbers tattooed on her ears. Matt called her skittish, “but she wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

So, Raquel and Diane, I don’t think there’s more than one greyhound missing. I don’t think it’s a scam or a gimmick. I don’t think there are greyhound thieves about. And I don’t think there’s a conspiracy … unless your names really aren’t Raquel and Diane.

Dear Johnnie: Your answer to the question regarding river flows at Lyons and Golden Ponds leaves me to believe the questioner asked the wrong expert. First, the “waterfalls” at Golden Ponds is the Beckwith Ditch and Reservoir Co. diversion. And it is one of the numerous ditch company diversions between Lyons and Longmont that account for the difference in flows at the two points — not timing.

Please refer to the website of the Saint Vrain & Left Hand Water Conservancy District, svlhwcd.org, click on Basin Information, then District 5 Flow Information. This will provide you with not only river flows, but the current ditch diversions, in real time. Water is diverted, return flows end up flowing back to the river. That, I think, is the information people should know about our river — it is constant use, diversions, deliveries — Big T water is delivered to our river, adding to the flows, and various ditch companies may be releasing water from reservoirs to flow to their ditches — and return flows. — Dennis Yanchunas, president, Saint Vrain & Left Hand Water Conservancy District

Dear Dennis: You are correct. While I answered the reader’s specific questions about where the Times-Call gets its measurement and the lag time between measurement and print from that site, I erred in not addressing the difference in flows between Lyons and Longmont and the effect that diversions and return flows have on the river.

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