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On sidewalks, cars yield to bikes and bikes yield to pedestrians

Dear Johnnie: Does Longmont or the state of Colorado have a law about riding bicycles on the sidewalks in the business section of town? I was making a right turn into a restaurant on Main Street the other day. I … Continue reading

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Why’s that person parking in a handicapped spot?

Dear Johnnie: Why do doctors give out handicapped permits to people who don’t need them? Though I certainly appreciate the efforts the volunteers at the Longmont Police Department make in keeping people without handicapped permits from parking in those designated … Continue reading

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Old Mill Park a victim of a down economy

Dear Johnnie: Could you please advise what is up with Old Mill Park? I am an avid supporter of the park and frequently take senior portraits in this local historical site. To my dismay, the park is no longer being … Continue reading

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Easement not so easy to cross any more

Dear Johnnie: I live in Hover Acres, an area where the massive overhead power poles have been removed, leaving behind the easement or alleyways that once followed the high tension power lines. I have noticed recently that homeowners of some … Continue reading

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Are there more trains in Longmont lately?

Dear Johnnie: I am wondering if you could find out whether the railroad tracks near Mountain View and Martin (due east of the LAC) are on the list to be repaired? They are just nasty to drive over in a … Continue reading

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Stuck at the light on Hover in north Longmont? Enjoy the eastside landscaping

Dear Johnnie: I noticed the city is repairing the concrete curbs, gutters and street on Hover between 17th Avenue and Belmont. When is the city going to have the landscaping on the west side of Hover look as nice as … Continue reading

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That almost-dead tree has been removed

  Dear Readers:

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That’s no catfish. That’s a diver!

Dear Readers: Remember that question about the mysterious black thing swimming in the pond on the 12th hole at Ute Creek Golf Course? Get a load of this. Hi Johnnie: What that person probably saw was a scuba diver recovering … Continue reading

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Fort Collins Pipe Band’s practice doesn’t break Longmont laws

Dear Johnnie: Bagpipes are driving me insane. It’s too bad. I used to like them. A marching bagpipe band from Fort Collins practices at a downtown church parking lot for 31/2 hours on Sundays during the summer. It’s a block … Continue reading

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Johnnie St. Vrain: That leanin’ tree belongs to the city

Dear Johnnie: I am curious who is responsible for removing a dead tree on the southwest corner of Highway 66 and Hover. I live in the neighborhood and am a member of the fence association responsible for the fence along … Continue reading

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