Johnne St. Vrain: Signs in County Line construction zone are accurate

Dear Johnnie: Clearly the speed limit in the construction zone on County Line Road is 35 mph. The 35 mph sign is visible when you enter the construction zone. But there isn’t a 45 mph speed limit sign at the end of the construction zone. There is just a sign that says something like “End of Fines Doubled.” Is this where I can resume 45 mph?

Also, southbound this sign is placed just past the construction area. But the northbound end-fines-doubled sign is about one-half mile past the end of what appears to be the construction zone. If you drive 35 mph all the way to this sign, you will have a line of cars stacked up on your bumper. — Confused

Dear Confused: I sent your question to Longmont traffic engineer Bob Ball. Because his answer is clear and applies to more than just County Line Road, I’m running it verbatim.

“Various signs in work zones can seem confusing, especially as you are driving through a work zone with a lot of activity, but the signs pretty much mean just what they say,” Ball wrote. “The 35 mph speed limit sign (regulatory black letters on white background) near the beginning of the work zone remains in effect until another regulatory speed limit sign changes the speed limit (45 mph in this case along County Line Road). So if the next 45 mph speed limit sign is located beyond the end of the work zone, or alternately a 45 mph speed limit sign within a work zone is mistakenly not covered or changed, the speed limit changes back to 45 mph at the location of that speed limit sign. The regulatory signs to begin and end double fines are typical signs near the beginning and end of work zones to warn drivers that speeding within a work zone will cause the ticket fine to be double the normal fine. However, these begin/end work zone signs do not change the speed limit itself.”

So, Confused, the speed limit remains 35 mph until there is another speed limit sign that changes the speed limit back to 45 mph and for northbound traffic, the work zone and 35 mph speed limit are extended for the waterline project work that also is occurring north to Sunshine Avenue.

Bob asked that I let readers know that most of this project work will be ending this fall, and there will soon be a new traffic signal installed at the Ninth Avenue/County Line Road intersection.

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