Johnnie St. Vrain: Will Dawson Park be back to normal by Aug. 31?

Dear Johnnie:The drilling and placement of power lines underground from the

When Johnnie went to check on the status of the work zone at Dawson Park on Wednesday, he found that the area was being scraped by a front-end loader. Photo taken Wednesday, July 20, 2011. (Johnnie St. Vrain/Times-Call)

substation by Dawson Park and McIntosh Lake south down past Twin Peaks Golf Course seems to be complete. The section of Twin Peaks Golf Course that was used for drilling north has been almost completely restored to its original condition. The new walls and fencing around the substation by McIntosh Lake have been completed. However, the area in Dawson Park that was used for the drilling sits unrestored — full of dirt, mud, rocks and weeds — and is unsightly. Can you find out why no effort is being made to restore it to its original condition? — A Northwest Longmont Resident

Dear Northwest Longmont Resident: I drive past that area about once a week, and I too have noticed the slow progress. But after receiving your letter, I decided to make another, special trip over to the park.

I`m a lucky guy, because just when I went over, I discovered a bulldozer scraping the dirt, mud, rocks and weeds from the site and dropping them into a waiting dump truck.

I remembered that a few months back, I had checked with the Platte River Power Authority about their schedule to restore the site. So, when I got back to the office I looked into what they had told me back in March.

Here`s the last portion of the schedule that PRPA gave me, beginning with restoration.

June 27: Restoration of Dawson Park begins.

July 11-15: Sound barrier (hay wall) removal.

July 18-30: Final soil tilling/ripping in Dawson Park.

Aug. 1-15: Sod preparation at Dawson Park.

Aug. 18-31: Sod fertilization/installation at Dawson Park.

Based on that schedule, and on what I witnessed Wednesday, it appears that PRPA is on schedule, maybe even a little ahead.

Back in March, PRPA spokeswoman Rae Todd reminded me that dates are subject to change. Let`s watch what happens at Dawson Park. Circle Aug. 31 on your calendar.

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