Reader agrees: McIntosh markers are maddening

Dear Johnnie,
I must agree with those who have said that North should be north on any markers. I have been somewhat irritated by the McIntosh markers, but not enough to write in or mention it out loud.
I have a suggestion. If the markers were intended to indicate 1/2 mile locations, perhaps that information could be added and the NSEW could be removed.  Replace the outer ring with a new one that says something like:

Next artwork and marker 1/2 mile

Just a little cutting and welding required!
Otherwise, we have no way of knowing that the artwork pieces are 1/2 mile apart.
Just a suggestion to avoid moving all the pieces around, and, as you say,  most of us are pretty sure those magnificent mountains are to the west.
Hope the artist agrees with this suggestion.
Thanks for listening,

“Disoriented in Lakeshore”

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